For 25 years, S.O.Tech’s designs have changed the modern military battlefield and the field of law enforcement.  Its our approach, we don’t sell product, we provide a service – one that puts our designer in your tactical environment searching for ways to make you more lethal and more likely to survive.  Combining our decades of military, law enforcement and EMS experience with our radical design approach has led to 15 US patents and over 2500 unique designs.  It means you have probably worn some of the 1.5 million pieces of gear we’ve sewn in Los Angeles, or at least have been issued the magazine chest rigs, go bags, side-pull IFAKs or speed clip less lethal rigs we designed that are now in museums recognized as game-changers in their fields.  That level of innovation is in our DNA, and in the fibers of every S.O.Tech design.

S.O.Tech has been manufacturing nylon military and police gear that's literally "Built to Survive the Worlds Worst" since our company started launched in 1997. We began with one man, a sewing machine in a garage, and the recognition of huge gaps in load carriage development. We take pride in knowing that our designs transitioned load carriage on a historic level, and we are committed to leading creative design approaches into our military’s future whether interning West Point Cadets or training Green Berets at Fort Bragg.

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