S.O.Tech in the Movies

S.O.Tech has built relationships supplying the top Hollywood prop houses. Our custom shop offers directors and prop masters the ability to design gear to fit the scene. Below is a listing of films featuring S.O.Tech gear.

Unfortunately it is only a partial list because the prop houses which purchase our gear rent them out for other movie and television productions and so we can never be sure where you will find our gear.
Strike Back
Strike Back
(Cinemax, 2017)
13 Hours
13 Hours (Paramount, 2016)
(Lionsgate, 2015)
Batman V. Superman
Batman V. Superman
(Warner Bros, 2016)
American Sniper
American Sniper
(Warner Bros., 2014)
Black Hawk Down
Black Hawk Down (Sony, 2001)
Mission Impossible 3
Mission Impossible III
(Paramount, 2006)
(Dreamworks SKG, 2007)
Transformers, Revenge of the
Fallen (Paramount, 2009)
The Last Ship
The Last Ship (TNT, 2014)
G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra
G.I. Joe, the Rise of Cobra
(Paramount, 2009)
Rambo (Lionsgate, 2008)
Knight and Day
Knight and Day
(20th Century Fox, 2010)
Terminator: Rise of the Machines
Terminator III, Rise of the
Machines(Warner Bros, 2003)
Spartan (Warner Bros, 2004)
Hostage (Miramax, 2005)
Bad Boys 2
Bad Boys II (Columbia
Pictures, 2003)
The Peace Maker
The Peace Maker
(Dreamworks SKG, 1997)
S.W.A.T. (Columbia Pictures, 2003)
Collateral Damage
Collateral Damage (Warner Bros, 2002)
The Hunted
The Hunted (Paramount Pictures, 2003)
Behind Enemy Lines
Behind Enemy Lines
(20th Century Fox, 2001)
Soldier (Warner Bros, 1998)
Steel Sharks
(Cabin Fever Entertainment, 1997)
XXX (Revolution Studios , 2002)
Proof Of Life
Proof Of Life
(Castle Rock Entertainment, 2000)
The Generals Daughter
The General's Daughter
(Paramount Pictures, 1999)
Space Cowboys
Space Cowboys
(Warner Bros, 2000)
The Last Castle
The Last Castle
(Dreamworks SKG, 2001)
Jurassic Park 3
Jurassic Park III (Universal, 2001)
Hulk (Marvel Studios, 2003)
Hollywood Homicide
Hollywood Homicide
(Revolutions Studios, 2003)
Bullet to the Head
Bullet to the Head
(Warner Bros. 2012)
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