SHOT Show 2015

Shot Show 2015 is coming up real fast and we wanted to give you an overview of the products we will be presenting.
Some of our highlights include the Speed Clip Line which allows the user to wear their pouch any way they want. The great part about this system is that it has been LAPD and LASD approved and there is no other system like it on the market.

WHY SPEED CLIP? The patrol officer needs to be agile and light, and look public-friendly.  But when situation dictates and he/she needs a taser, an IFAK or rifle magazines, just speed clip it on.  These are functional designed, durable, comfortable and professional looking.  

ESCALATION: DUTY GEAR to SPEED CLIP to SUIT-UP Duty gear is constant wear.  Speed clip is for quick need in rapidly developing situations.  Suit-up gear is for instances where time is available to don riot control vests or tactical assault vests.



Every operation and every officer are different, and they shift from team to team and mission to mission frequently.  We designed the mounting system where one ambidextrous pouch can easily be mounted thigh, belt or vest.


To mount onto a belt, unweave the double Velcro straps, pull them over the belt, then weave back through the securing loop which forms a belt loop.  Straps can be extended and secured by vertical wrap to form a short drop.  
To wear as a drop leg, slide a belt hanger adapter buckle (or other attachment system) and close the straps over, and through the securing loops, keeping in mind the strap goes under the lower loop of the Velcro straps.  
To mount to the vest, weave the double Velcro straps through the webbing on the vest and on the securing loop on the back of the vest.  

Belt attachments include a 2 inch side lock hanger that mounts to an under belt, a 1 inch Zak clip that mounts over a duty belt or a narrower version that mounts on a plain clothes belt, for extended strips. The Zak clip attaches to the built in D ring, or a larger slide on D ring, including the 212 gear flat D ring.

Standard pouch options include a taser holster, IFAK, radio pouch, double rifle magazine pouch, 60 round Surefire magazine pouch, radio and a MK 9 pepper dispenser pouch.  Also available are a 4 mag and medical IFAK combination pouch, gas mask pouches, shotgun pouches, a detective array rig, and riot control thigh rigs.


The Speed Clip was developed with Deputy Frank LaFlamme as one of SOTech’s first projects.  The experiences of the B of A Shootout in North Hollywood in 1998 where officers had left their spare ammunition in boxes in their trunks saw an immediate demand for Speed Clip ammo rigs.  Shortly afterward, SOTech began mounting Taser holsters and other rigs to this platform watching the design evolve into its current state.
LAPD AND LASD, two of the world’s most progressive law enforcement agencies have come together to the design table to work with SOTech’s Speed Clip concept to develop an answer their tactical requirements. Both agencies have adopted the speed clip system in purchases of thousands of Taser, IFAK and magazine rigs.  Contact SOTech be put in touch with LAPD and LASD POCs.



It has 2 openings so you can access its contents from the side or the top.  The top can extend should you need more room.



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