SHOT Show 2016

SHOT Show 2016 is right around the corner and we wanted to give you a quick look at what we've been working on all year and will be debuting. Be sure to stop by booth 20113 for more details.

Last year we debuted the Speed Clip Line which was a system that let the user quickly clip in any pouch that suited the users needs quickly and efficiently. This is a truly modular system and there is nothing else like lit on the market.

This year we've been focusing on creating new as well as redesigning our IFAK's and we are proud to say that we have an LAPD version that has been approved and outfitted on over 2,500 LAPD officers. We also have an LASD version that is the #1 choice for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
Speed Clip IFAK (LAPD Approved & Issued)
The LAPD Approved IFAK was designed in conjunction with our Updated Speed Clip Line. It can be worn on the Belt, MOLLE vest or in drop leg configuration.

Key features include:
• Can be worn on your belt, thigh or MOLLE vest 
• 2 Large zipper pulls ideal for use with gloves
• Pull tab for quick open access
• 2”x2” Velcro field for First aid or Blood type patch
• Additional D-ring added to accommodate Zak Clip or other key-rings
• True ambidextrous design with reversible leg strap and zipper pulls

It was designed to carry the essential medical items a Law Enforcement Officer would need in a medical emergency:
• 4" Modular Bandage
• Fox Chest Seal
• 5.5" Trauma Shears
• Z-Pak Dressing
• Pair of Nitrile Gloves.
• CPR Face Shield
• SOFT-W Tourniquet
• Mini Black Marker

These medical contents also fit in our Los Angeles Sheriff's Department approved IFAK.

The LASD IFAK was designed with input from the Los Angeles County Sheriffs department and is their first choice for IFAKs for that very reason.  It is similar to the LAPD approved version in that it can be used in conjunction with the Speed Clip Line but it differs in dimensions (Length: 4.5” Width: 3” Height: 6”) and Cross identification. The rear of the LASD IFAK features our dynamic Velcro® MOLLE system which allows for the 3 different carry configurations. The SWAT version is MOLLE backed with our patented FlexTab®.

Tourniquet Belt Pouch
For the tourniquet carrier we wanted to make a pouch that was sleek as well as versatile. So we've designed a belt pouch that can be worn vertically or horizontally on the Belt as well as attach to the Belt hanger adapter on the Speed Clip IFAK.
This Tourniquet Pouch also features the silhouetted red cross featured on the LASD IFAK for a cohesive appearance.
The rear features Horizontal and Vertical webbing that allows the user to wear it however they wish.
We have also designed a Flex Tab® backed version for the LASD SWAT team:

The VIper Flat IFAK-A1
Recently we have gathered input from several R&D personnel and have come up with some improvements for our popular Viper Flat IFAK. The initial reason we added MOLLE to the front was to extend the attachment pouches on the front of a chest rig should someone choose to mount it on the front of the vest.  Since our launch back in 2011 all our feedback suggested a vast majority of users placed it on the back of their belt or vest, freeing up real estate on the front of their rig. The MOLLE was not necessary. We've removed the MOLLE and added a removable identifying cross, reducing a chance of snagging in a heavily wooded environment.
We have added additional Hook Velcro® to the interior front side, in case the user accidentally places the insert in backwards. This will prevent the insert from falling out and getting lost. We have modified the rear Flex Tab® system to allow the user to wear on an everyday style belt as well as a MOLLE vest.
Hypalon® backed version also available soon:
The insert features 5 compartments for various load-outs configurations:
The Viper Flat IFAK-A1 Mini
The same concepts have been applied to the Mini version of our Viper Flat IFAK. Ideal choice for SWAT and tactical officers:

The VFIFAK-A1-Mini was designed with the idea that law enforcement officers could get to a hospital within an hour of injury whereas the soldier might be stuck on the battlefield  for several hours before getting serious medical attention. So to save space for Law enforcement officers med-kits the VFIFAK-A1-Mini carries only essential medical items such as a pressure dressing, tourniquet, and homeostatic agent. 
All of our newly designed IFAK's will be available for viewing at our 2016 Shot Show booth 20113 Jan 19th to 22.

Other S.O.TECH products that will be available for viewing include our Go Bag line, our redesigned Rolling Locker Bags, our Speed Clip Line, and the rest of our LAPD/LASD approved products. We hope to see you there!

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