S.O.Tech Road Warrior Bag Returns in DNC!

The S.O.Tech Road Warrior Bag Returns!
Limited run in DNC!
Launches 10/8 12pm PST.

   A travel bag designed by guys who hit the road hard, fast and often – SOF operators. These are guys who are always waiting for the balloon to go up and the call to move out. The guys who live in hotel rooms and stay prepped and organized to lift and shift to the next location on a moments notice. 

   The Road Warrior Bag has pockets for your power cords, first aid and survival kits, international licenses, passports and travel documents, and a main compartment organizing your hygiene items and meds. This bag stays stocked and loaded in your locker. When the call comes, you throw this in a 3 day pack with a weeks worth of clothes and you are out the door. When you are laid out in your hotel and the team needs to shift to the next town, a quick visual inspection of this pack will remind you what is missing before you blow out. Power cords, batteries, can openers, flashlights, SCUBA license, bug juice, pill packs – everything has its place. And when you get back to home base, restock before you replace because you never know when that phone is going to ring. 

  The Road Warrior Bag also makes a great tool, electronics or medical bag.

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