S.O.Tech Micro Pack in Black

Introducing the S.O.Tech Micro Pack, Launch Edition
20 Years of Evolution

S.O.Tech’s Micro Pack came from an evolution of our Special Forces Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System. Over 20 year of development we had arrived at flat rectangular medical pack. But it was tall, and a Ranger medic who goes by “Mack” approached us with a way to make the load even more accessible while under fire.

He asked us to split the pack into a 2/3 – 1/3 pair of bags with the larger pack mirroring the size of the rear trauma plate and holding the advanced medical items (IV/IO, transfusion sets, etc) and the smaller holding the rapidly accessed trauma items in a fanny pack configuration (or a MARCH belt configuration. This way the belt or fanny pack could be quickly accessed in a kinetic environment by spinning the belt.

This “Micro Pack” suddenly became adopted as a Breacher’s pack, ropes/vertical extraction kit, MASCAL kit, and as a basic survival pack. We set it up to carry as a backpack, satchel or briefcase. As we developed out COBRA medical pack system, the Micro Pack answered the mail as the external go-bag secured in a bra-panel on the rear.

Special launch edition includes Micro pack, convertible shoulder straps, plate carrier adapter system, MPO (Modular Panel Organizer) and MBP (Modular Box Pouch, Wide, Mesh / Dyneema Hybrid).

Launch edition will have a special introductory price of $160. No backorders. While supplies last.

Dimensions: 14″x4″x10.5″
Weight: 1.6lbs (entire kit)

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"Built to survive the world's worst!"

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