Wolf Gray S.O.Tech Flat I.F.A.K.'s

S.O.Tech V.I.P.E.R. Flat IFAK / Wolf Gray
Drops this Friday 9/17 12pm PST.
   Tasked by USASOC to go outside of the box and design a next generation load carriage plate carrier, we innovated moving the first aid kit to the lower back but keeping it rapid access.  In 2011 the Science and Technology of Army Special Operations Command brought us in to incorporate solar panels in the rear plate carrier for Special Forces soldiers.  The top half carried the panels opening up the bottom half for the elements of a SOF IFAK.  At first it was a sleeve built into the shell of the rear plate carrier, but soon we moved it as a module down onto the belt realizing that it forms a great lower back pad.  From there, we watched SOF operators across the spectrum have the “ah-ha” moments when they realized there was a great place for the IFAK that was out of the way, but not out of reach.  Obviously, the conventional Army realized the same thing as they incorporated our design in the IFAK-2 project making 900,000 IFAKs.

   The strategy we approached this design with looked deep into mindset of America’s most elite warriors.  Weapons and reloads dominate the training day, and traumatic wounds signal defeat to a warrior.  Pushing the med kit out of the tactical triangle satisfied the Alpha warrior, but any soldier who has seen a comrade’s blood knows down deep the need for quick pull IFAK access.  Reaching with either hand and pulling the tools that will stop the bleeding elevates the confidence, and the feeling of that pack in your lower back offers a similar sense of support as the team member’s squeeze coming up the stack.

   The evolution of our popular and widely adopted V.I.P.E.R. Flat IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is here. Originally designed in 2011 as a solution to bulky and in the way IFAKs. A true ambidextrous IFAK that can be worn on your armor carrier, battle belt and duty belt. Make more room up front and affix the Viper IFAK to the rear of your armor carrier or battle belt.

   The V.I.P.E.R. Flat IFAK comes in three sizes. The full size (VFIFAK-A1) accommodates the SOF-IFAK SOCOM medical contents, a midsize LE variant (VFIFAK-A1-LE) which is now issue to ATF and the Mini Version (VFIFAK-A1-B) accommodates the medical contents list we supply to LAPD and LASD patrol.

Made in the USA with US materials and labor, since 1997.
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