WWII Frogskin Jungle Pack Reboot

S.O.Tech WWII Jungle Pack Reboot
Frogskin Jungle
2/24 12pm PST
We respect innovative design. The Jungle Pack was a radical leap forward from the M1928 Haversack. The jump from a fold out haversack that had been the standard since the American Revolution to a top load ruck brought us into the ALICE Pack and current MOLLE Pack generations.
It was so successful that it was standardized into the official Field Pack M1943. A separate zippered external pouch is taken for granted today, but was an innovation on the Jungle Pack. This is clearly a pack design worthy of the respect of a S.O.Tech Reboot.

Jungle Packs go live 2/24 12pm PST.
$160 each, while supplies last. No backorders, not a pre-order.

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