Taser 10 Front Facing Holster
Taser Holster, Taser 10, Thigh Belt, Vest, Kit, Black
Taser 10 Holster Back Facing

Taser Holster, Taser 10, Thigh Belt, Vest, Kit, Black


Regular price$ 85.00

Ambidextrous holster flap secures with Velcro and side lock buckle. The
Velcro web strips on the back form a loop to accept a pistol belt. Ensure
the strips secure under the cross straps to hold. Velcro strips on the back
separate to weave through MOLLE/PALS webbing for vest mounts. Be sure
to pass strips under the cross straps when weaving. For thigh rig configuration,
slide belt hanger clip onto rear Velcro web strips, adjust to desired
height, and wrap strips with Velcro retainer. Fasten top receptacle of belt
hanger around under belt. Pass leg strap through lower loop on back. Secure
excess web in slider buckle. V-plate inside flap turns off safety to conserve
power. Optional D-ring can slip on strips to clip on to key clip.

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