40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap
40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap
40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap
40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap
40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap
40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap

40mm Grenadier Bandolier Belt Strap


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A Simple Strap Provides Flexibility and Organization of 40mm Rounds 

The Need:  The ammunition carriage for the Grenadier is usually a disorganized and haphazard addition to the basic rifleman’s ammunition load carriage.  Previous solution attempts have either dumped 18 rounds of 40mm in one batch on the grenadier’s chest with a vest or bandoleer, or have been onesie or twosie 40mm round MOLLE pouches that the grenadier had to haphazardly attach finding unused MOLLE/PALS loops.

The Solution:  A carriage platform based around a strap with a single MOLLE/PALS web running the length that can be shortened for use as a belt or lengthened for use as a bandoleer.  40 mm munitions would be attached to the strap in a quantity of rounds to fit the grenadier’s mission.  These 40 mm munitions would be protected in single double and triple round pouches with fixed flap lengths for HE rounds and adjustable flap lengths for specialty munitions.  A large rectangular MOLLE pouch is supplied for use as a hip or butt pack to store the strap with extra rounds in a quick extract and don configuration.  A MOLLE compatible padded shooter’s belt is supplied to provide mounting real estate for primary draw grenadier rounds during immediate contact, if there is no room on the vest or plate carrier. 

Note that the military already has in its inventory individual 40 mm MOLLE pouches in single and double configurations that could be added to the strap.  SOTECH offers PALS compatible single, double and triple 40mm munition pouches with fixed flaps or with adjustable flaps.  SOTECH also offers a MOLLE/PALS compatible shooters belt in SM/MED and LG/XL both with NSNs.  This belt also has an optional under-armor belt suspender harness to weight management which is also NSNed.  And the rectangular large MOLLE pouch that holds the bandoleer has side MOLLE web to attach additional pouches for specialty ammunition or rifle magazines.

  • MOLLE Compatible Strap Convertible to Belt or Bandoleer
  • Single, Double, and Triple Fixed Flap 40mm HE Ammunition Pouch
  • Single, Double, and Triple Adjustable Flap 40mm Specialty Ammunition Pouch
  • MOLLE Compatible Padded Shooter’s  Belt with Rigger’s Belt, Sizes SM/MED and LG/XLG
  • Large MOLLE Bandoleer Carrier Belt Pouch

These systems are fully compatible with SOTECH’s M320 Holster, Sling and Thigh Panel being considered by the US Army as well as the SOTECH’s M320 Grenade Launcher Weapon Retention Catch currently NSN'd and fielded by the USMC.

Key Features: 

  • Dimensions: 53" x 1.57"
  • Weight: 4.2oz
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Made in the USA

Product Code: 40MM-BLR

**Listing is for bandolier only. Pouches and other accessories sold separately.**

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