High Visibility Label Sets

$ 45.00

Key Features:
• Velcro backed, bright yellow text on black webbing
• Universal so anyone can identify contents
• Ideal for use with RAMMP & MMCOS sets
• Dimensions 1" x 5"
• Material: Heavy Webbing/ Velcro®
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA

Product Code: HVL

Because medics don't usually pack their aid bags alike, we developed a removable tag system so medics walking into ambulances, field hospitals and opening aid bags from other units will be looking at the same set of universal labels they are used to. Gold lettering fold high visibility in low light conditions on black nylon for durability. Velcro™ backing so the soldier can organize system to his needs, but attaches commonly recognized labels for universal understanding by fellow troops. 

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