Medical Dump Pouch, Sharps Resistant
Medical Dump Pouch, Sharps Resistant

Medical Dump Pouch, Sharps Resistant


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Requirement: A medic needs a no-look drop pouch for quick disposal of medical waste that won’t endanger him/her as a secondary puncture hazard.

Solution: The Medical Dump Pouch Sharps Resistant opens and extends with a pull of a tab, exposing an elastic mouth slit held open and rigid for easy access. The pouch has a plastic back and bottom liner resistant to puncture by catheters. Can accept three spent M4 magazines. The interior is lined with Hypalon cloth which is non-hydro porous and semi resistant to puncture. Roll up and secure with Velcro pull tab for easy roll and quick release. Elastic lip panel is removable for easy empty. Mouth it reinforced to stay open. Plastic insert panel is removable. Angled bottom allows items dropped in to shift to known corner. Covered in 500 denier Multicam OCP. Secured to belt or vest MOLLE compatible flex-tab. Compact, contoured, light and durable. Dump pouch shown extended, elastic lips spread, rolled up front and rear, and top view with lips panel removed exposing plastic liner.
NOTE: Pouch has extended MOLLE straps to attach to the bottom row of MOLLE on a belt or vest and hang below other pouches. In order to do this the pouch above needs to skip the bottom MOLLE row on the vest or belt.

Key  Features: 

  • Measurement: 9" x 6" x 3.5" 
  • Made in the USA 

Product Code: MDPSR

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