Mission Go Bag A1 DNC
Mission Go Bag A1 DNC
Mission Go Bag A1 DNC
Mission Go Bag A1 DNC
Mission Go Bag A1 DNC
Mission Go Bag A1 DNC

Mission Go Bag A1 DNC


Regular price$ 165.00

In collaboration with GWA the iconic Mission Go Bag will be available in limited quantities in DNC (Desert Night Camo).

The Mission Go Bag A1’s development is the story of the evolution of the perfect satchel bag. It began as a trauma go bag in the outer pocket of the the Special Forces Medic’s Aid Bag

The internal pockets configured perfectly as the 1000 ml IV bag pockets fit mags, IFAKs, MREs and radio batteries, not to mention they perfectly accepted a fist to find small items in the bottom. This configured great for explosive breaching with charged in the IV slots and firing systems in the outer pocket separated by a drop in plate. 

The contour of the bag laid perfectly as it rounded the hip, but because of its unique pleating, it could expand to the size of a basketball. And the outstanding feature is the shoulder strap. With a patented wing attachment system, it can wear in 9 different configurations depending on folding and snapping the wings or folding them inside the hidden compartment. Wear it as a sling, satchel, waist bag, fanny pack, vest mount pack, ruck lid, brief case carry, vehicle wall bag or pack organizer bag. 

The final evolution saw this 16,000 of these purchased by US SOCOM as part of the BALCS backpack suite and issued to all members of SOCOM.

Key Features:
• Classic go bag for all occasions
• Shoulder strap included
• 2 rows of MOLLE across front
• Compression straps on both sides
• Front Velcro for morale patch
• 2 compartments
• 4 large interior pockets
• Side flaps can tuck away inside for briefcase carry
• Non Slip material on back
• Material: 500D Cordura® Nylon
• Dimensions: 12.5"x 14"x 3"
• 1.4lbs
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA

Product Code: MGBA1

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