Riggers SERE Belt, A1
Riggers SERE Belt, A1
Riggers SERE Belt, A1

Riggers SERE Belt, A1


Regular price$ 55.00


Key Features:
• 1.75" Type 13 webbing
• Sewn with parachute weight thread
• 14 inch, zippered internal pocket for emergency stashes
• Lifetime Warranty
• Made in the USA

Available in: 
Small: 27"-29" 
Medium: 30"-33" 
Large: 34"-38" 
XL: 39"-43" 
XXL: 43"-47" 
XXXL: 47"-50"
NOTE: Sizes are in literal inches not pant sizes, if you are on the border between sizes order the next size up

Product Code: RSB-A1

Special order items have a minimum of 20 pieces ordered. If ordering less than 20 through sotechtactical.com your order will be cancelled and refunded. For dealer, law enforcement and military unit sales please e-mail questions@specopstech.com

Note: For those who want to use this belt as a rappelling seat, please realize that while the belt around your waist is strength rated, there are no leg straps and the only thing holding the belt to your waist are your belt loops (and we have yet to see a pair of pants that come with strength ratings). If the belt does not separate and end up in your armpits, you will at least have the wedgie of a lifetime.

*Many S.O.Tech products are currently made to order. Standard lead-times on made to order items are between 4 to 6 weeks from order placement (there are exceptions). Once your order is placed you will be contacted by one of our customer service reps with current availability and lead time. Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing.

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