S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland
S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland
S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland
S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland
S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland

S.O.Tech Go Pack, A1, M81 Woodland


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 The S.O.Tech Go Bag series came from a friend in one of JSOC’s Tier units.  They were operating in Afghanistan and Iraq crammed in Hi Luxes and Little Birds.  They needed a survival kit bag that could slide in and stack in those compact spaces and extract when the troop came into contact. 

 The original tubular bag with single sling shoulder strap had three small zippered pockets for batteries, food, NODS, and other items. 

 When the same troops needed to transport their weapons quietly, we extended the length to accommodate the M4 broken down and extended the side pouches to take mags.  Breaking the carbine down and stacking its components presented a a tubular shape that confused any surveillance team looking for weapons bags. 

 The design was quickly adapted by teams across the Interagency.  And the third iteration was the S.O.Tech Go Pack where we created a double shoulder strap version for those guys carrying such a heavy load that the sling shoulder strap just wasn’t enough.  However, we configured it in a unique arrangement so the double shoulder strap could connect for form a single sling strap for lighted load.  All of these designs allowed for the quick donning motion of throwing it over the head and shoulder, and the easy access by spinning it around.

What's new with the A1: 
• Reversed zipper teeth
• Shorter rain flap on pockets for easy open
• Elastic closure on internal hydration sleeve
• Narrower shoulder strap, now contoured for comfort
• Excess strapage contained by elastic band
• Main compartment zippers connect via Velcro®
• Reverse adjusting tabs for easier quick fit
• Waist strap moved to chest strap

Standard Features:
• Padded, shoulder strap with quick-ditch side locking buckle.
• Cylindrical shaped for easy storage/extractions from a downed aircraft or burning humvee
• Converts from double to single strapped carry
• Drag handles on both top and bottom of bag
• Extended length exterior pockets
• Strip of loop backed Velcro® along interior wall for velcro backed accessories
• Hydration: 100 oz (3 Liters) - bladder not included (We recommend the camelbak long neck bladder)
• Lifetime Warranty
• Material: 1000D Cordura® Nylon
• Weight: 2.6 lbs
• Made in the USA

Dimensions: Length x Width x Depth
20.75 in. x 5.5 in. x 6 in. (internal main compartment)
6 in. x 5 in. x 3.5 in (small upper center pocket)
11 in. x 5 in. x 4 in (large lower center pocket)
13 in. x 5 in. x 3.5 in (large left and right side pockets)

702 cu. in. (main compartment)
105 cu. in. (small upper center pocket)
220 cu. in. (large lower center pocket)
455 cu. in. (both left and right side pockets)

Total Storage: 1482 cu. in.

Product Code: SGP-A1

*Video is of pervious version of go pack

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