Laser Cut Patches
IR Reflective and IR Only Patch
Light Machine Gunner Laser Cut Patch
Rifleman Laser Cut Patch
Grenadier Laser Cut Patch
Heavy Machine Gunner Laser Cut Patch
Medic Laser Cut Patch
Rifleman IR Only Patch
Heavy Machine Gunner IR Only Patch
Light Machine Gunner IR Only
Grenadier IR Only Patch

Laser Cut Symbology Patches


Regular price$ 25.00


S.O.Tech has new additions to their full line of tactical symbology which now include a modern twist on a S.O.Tech original. We have been making our embroidered symbology patches for about 15 years now. Therefore, we are pleased to announce our new laser cut tactical symbology patches. They were designed as a Mil Std 2525C supplement to accurately represent specialized job functions at the individual level. Patches include Medic, Rifleman, Grenadier, Light Machine Gunner, and Heavy Machine Gunner. 

Key Features:
• Material: MultiCam Squadron
• Dimensions: 2" x 4"
• Easily identify your bags contents
• Made in USA
• US Patent Pending


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