Tactical Medical Modular Carriage System Gen2, Full System

    TACTICAL MEDICAL MODULAR CARRIAGE SYSTEM - GEN II is a modular medical pack system that functions across the 3 platforms of RUCK-TRUCK-HOUSE. This 2nd generation evolution of SOF medical packs incorporates a decade of wartime operator input. The result is a tailored set of modular pouches that are chosen to affix to any of these packs, harnesses, and panels.  The system also supports a supply tree with the top being the box (MMCIS) which supplies/supports the hanging panel (RAMMP), and that in turn supports the large pack (MMP-L) which supports the medium pack (MMP-M) which supports the (MMP-S).  The packs integrate and share the load with the medical belt/harness system (MACBS).  The insert organizers and belt, pack and panel pouches fully integrate and can mount on any platform within this system.  And finally, the IFAK (RFAP) is the base of the system mounting basic first aid items on all personnel on the team.  This system follows the wounded soldier from the point of traumatic injury all the way through transport to the hospital.

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